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NSW Cancer Registry

The NSW Cancer Registry maintains records of people with cancer and reports on the impact of cancer in the community.

About the NSW Cancer Registry

The NSW Cancer Registry is a population-based registry that records all new diagnoses of cancer in NSW residents and all deaths from cancer. A case of cancer is the occurrence of a primary malignant neoplasm in one organ of a particular person. Therefore a case of malignant melanoma in a particular person counts as one case. If the same person subsequently develops leukemia, the leukemia counts as a second case. The NSW Cancer Registry records new cancer cases and does not capture cancer recurrences.

Integration of population and clinical cancer registry data

The NSW Cancer Registry was first established in 1972. A new NSW Cancer Registries data collection system is being implemented to replace the population-based NSW Cancer Registry and integrate it with clinical information, such as stage and treatment data, from the NSW Clinical Cancer Registry. This will enable us to analyse variations in outcomes for cancer patients with greater rigour and certainty than ever before.

At present, the custodians of NSW Clinical Cancer Registry data are the participating Local Health Districts. The Cancer Institute NSW is not currently able to make these data available to researchers via the Data Access and Research Liaison Service. However, following the integration of the Central and Clinical Registries, these data will become available. Our website will be updated with further details, once the data are available.

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