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Cancer treatment side effects: a guide for Aboriginal Health Workers

As an Aboriginal Health Worker, you play an important role in supporting Aboriginal people with cancer throughout their cancer treatment.

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This work can sometimes be challenging because of the complex medical terminology involved, and the different side effects that patients can experience during treatment. 

This booklet has been developed in collaboration with Aboriginal Health Workers to provide important and practical information to help you support your patients during their cancer treatment.

The booklet will help you to:

  • understand safety issues for patients having chemotherapy
  • recognise some of the most common side effects of cancer treatment
  • understand how to manage these side effects
  • educate your patients about how to manage side effects
  • know when to seek help (call a doctor or other healthcare professional)
  • understand the effects of cancer on your patients’ social and emotional wellbeing.

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This booklet is to be used as a resource only. It does not replace advice provided by a medical doctor or nurse experienced in cancer care. If in doubt, always check with your patient’s treating doctor or GP.

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Menzies LogoThis booklet has been developed in consultation with Menzies School of Health Research. Special thanks to Associate Professor Gail Garvey and Dr Belinda Thewes for contributing content about managing the effects of cancer on social and emotional wellbeing.

*Aboriginal artwork by Jilalga Murray.