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What I need to ask

When you see a health professional such as a medical/radiation oncologist, surgeon or haematologist you may have questions and concerns.

These can be easily forgotten at that time because dealing with a cancer diagnosis can be stressful and there is a lot of information to remember.

Question Prompt Lists

The Cancer Institute NSW in consulation with health professionals has question prompt lists that help you to get the information you want about your illness and possible treatment options.

Prompt lists are available for medical/radiation oncology, surgery, haematology and complementary therapies.

You and your family can use these pamphlets to help you decide what you need to ask your health professional each time you have an appointment.

Rest assured that your health professional is keen to answer any questions you may have, either at your inital appointment or at future consultations. If you feel as though your questions have already been answered, then these pamphlets can serve as a checklist.

Remember you can ask your health professional to explain anything you are unclear about or to explain any words you are not familiar with.

Download prompt lists of questions to ask your cancer specialist in 20 languages here.