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Quitline Services

The Quitline Services Campaign comprises of six 15-second TV commercials.


The Campaign aims to provide smokers with an insight into the Quitline and the range of services and support available just by picking up the phone and calling 13 7848 (13 QUIT).

Research undertaken by the Institute in 2005 found that while there was generally high awareness of the Quitline among smokers there was poor understanding of the services provided.

The Quitline has helped thousands of Australians to quit smoking and calling can increase a smoker's chance of successfully quitting. By participating in the Quitline's free callback service a smoker can double their chances of successfully quitting.


"Callbacks" 15 second television commercial
"Plan" 15 second television commercial
"No Best Way" 15 second television commercial
"Cravings" 15 second television commercial


Language-Specific Smokers Telephone Lines

Census data (2001) indicates that 1,200,517 people or 19.02% of the population speak a language other than English at home. There are a total of 179,128 people in NSW who speak very little English and 51,357 do not speak English at all.

The Cancer Institute NSW, Multicultural Health Communication Service and Quitline have set up seven language-specific smokers' telephone lines, for smokers wishing to seek support from Quitline but for whom English is not their first language.

For the Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese lines, smokers will be directed to people who can speak their language. The smokers' details are taken so that, as often as possible, a multilingual Quitline advisor can return their call. Otherwise, a Quitline advisor will call them back with an interpreter.

For other languages, smokers can leave their name, telephone number and the preferred days and times that they can be reached. A Quitline advisor and interpreter calls them back to provide advice, support and information to help them stop smoking.

The language specific Quitline telephone numbers are:

Arabic: 1300 7848 03
Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin): 1300 7848 36
Vietnamese: 1300 7848 65
Korean: 1300 7848 23

In NSW, these language groups have higher smoking rates and lower English language proficiency.

Radio and press advertisements promoting the Quitline in five different languages have been produced to complement the Quitline Services Campaign

Arabic radio advertisement
Cantonese radio advertisement
Italian radio advertisement
Mandarin radio advertisement
Vietnamese radio advertisement