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NSW Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy 2012-15

The NSW Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy 2012–15 (the Strategy) provides a framework for a coordinated comprehensive, community-wide approach to reducing over-exposure to the sun for the next four years in New South Wales.

Skin cancers accounts for 81 per cent of all new cases of cancer diagnosed in Australia each year, making these diseases the most common and costly cancers in Australia.

NSW's future as a sun-safe State has been set out in this comprehensive Strategy, which outlines how government, not-for-profit, private sector, health and community groups will unite to reduce the devastating impact skin cancers have on people across the State.

There are four priority areas and goals in the Strategy, designed to prevent and limit the burden of skin cancer in NSW:

  • Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) protection behaviours.
  • Shade provision.
  • UVR protection policy.
  • Strategic research.

The establishment of the NSW Skin Cancer Prevention Advisory Committee (currently comprising representatives from 14 different organisations and sectors) is aimed at providing the supporting infrastructure for the implementation of skin cancer prevention activities across NSW, particularly those identified in the Strategy.