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NSW Population and Health Services Research Ethics Committee

The NSW Population and Health Services Research Ethics Committee undertakes scientific and ethical review of population health research which utilises or links to routinely collected health (and other) data. The committee also reviews mixed-methods research where a component of the research meets this description and submissions in the areas of both cancer and non-cancer research.

As of 01 July 2015 for ALL APPLICATIONS, the NSW PHSREC no longer requires paper copies of submissions and subsequent correspondence. Electronic copies of all documentation should be submitted to Ethics@cancerinstitute.org.au.

Submission Guidelines


Submitting Proposals

Application forms are available via Online Forms, the national system that enables users to complete their applications for research electronically.

For information on the required documentation for submissions to the NSW Population & Health Services Research Ethics Committee, please refer to the Submission Checklist. Please include a copy of this checklist with your application.

Electronic Submission:

The NSW PHSREC is a paperless Ethics Committee. Please do not submit paper copies of your application. The requirements for electronic submission are outlined below:

  • Signatures for ALL Investigators must be provided in Section 10 of the NEAF
  • Unsigned documentation will not be accepted
  • Electronic signatures can be inserted into a document and saved as a PDF, or individual signed pages can be scanned and saved as a PDF
  • Electronic and/or scanned signatures must clearly identify an Investigator and indicate their consent for the submission
  • All submissions and correspondence must be sent from a valid email address linked to the contact person’s organisation
  • The Coordinating / Principal Investigator must be cc’d on all submissions to the PHSREC (including amendments and reporting).

Meeting dates

The NSW Population & Health Services Research Ethics Committee meets on a monthly basis. Submission closing dates for applications are 9 working days prior to the next meeting. This allows for independent scientific review.

2016 meeting dates
Submission closing dateAgenda out dateMeeting date

Friday 29 January

Wednesday 10 February

Wednesday 17 February

Friday 26 February

Wednesday 09 March

Wednesday 16 March

Friday 1 April

Wednesday 13 April

Wednesday 20 April

Friday 6 May

Wednesday 18 May

Wednesday 25 May

Friday 27 May

Wednesday 8 June 

Wednesday 15 June

Friday 1 July

Wednesday 13 July

Wednesday 20 July

Friday 22 July

Wednesday 3 August

Wednesday 10 August

Friday 2 September

Wednesday 14 September

Wednesday 21 September

Friday 30 September

Wednesday 12 October

Wednesday 19 October

Friday 28 October

Wednesday 9 November

Wednesday 16 November

Friday 25 November

Wednesday 7 December

Wednesday 14 December


Committee members

The current members of the NSW Population and Health Services Research Ethics Committee include experts in research and clinical care, lay members and religious representatives.

The NSW Population & Health Services Research Ethics Committee has been constituted in accordance with the National Health and Medical Research Council's National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007).

Committee Members
MemberNHMRC Category
Associate Prof. Sallie Pearson Chairperson
Ms Patricia Kenny Research Experience
Dr Alys Havard Research Experience
Dr Lucy Burns (Deputy Chairperson) Clinical Experience
Dr Natasha Nassar (Deputy Chairperson) Research Experience
Dr Timothy Dobbins Research Experience
Dr Heather Davey Chief Health Officer Nominee
Ms Rachel Williams Lay Member
Ms Emma Slaytor Legal Member
Mr Renji Cai Legal Member
Pastor Rachael Goth Religious Member
Mr Brad Drayton Biostatistical Trainee
Mr Nick Roberts Public Health Officer Trainee