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Sydney Catalyst - The Translational Cancer Research Centre of Central Sydney and Regional NSW

Sydney Catalyst is one of seven Cancer Institute NSW Translational Cancer Research Centres incorporating research, clinical training, education and service delivery within a formal framework that links leading research and clinical centres.

Sydney Catalyst

Sydney Catalyst is the Translational Cancer Research Centre of Central Sydney and Regional NSW with the purpose of facilitating the rapid translation of scientific discoveries into clinical policy and practice to improve patient outcomes. The consortium brings together teams of clinicians and researchers from six cities and four Local Health Districts in NSW:

Sydney Catalyst aims to improve health outcomes for people affected by cancer through a translation research program supporting:

  • More effective discovery and rapid translation of research discovered into clinical applications.
  • Better cancer care through the translation of clinical quandaries into basic scientific and health research.
  • Greater use of effective evidence-based cancer care in practice.

Sydney Catalyst has organised its research efforts into the following Flagship Programs:

  1. Establish essential infrastructure to embed research and evidence in cancer health care, with lung cancer as an initial exemplar.
  2. Support the development of new concepts and projects that support and promote collaboration and have the potential to attract additional future funding from external sources.
  3. Build capacity and support new researchers and clinicians who have the potential to develop significant careers in translational cancer research and whose research meets the overall goals and objectives of our program.

Sydney Catalyst has developed a large and diverse cancer research program, with significant input, involvement and active engagement of an impressive group of cancer researchers, clinicians and students.

More Information

Contact: Sydney Catalyst, Research Manager