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Sydney Catalyst - The Translational Cancer Research Centre of Central Sydney and Regional NSW

Sydney Catalyst is a multidisciplinary cancer research endeavour that brings together outstanding teams of researchers and clinicians from leading institutions across New South Wales.

These teams undertake translational research, ranging from basic bio-sciences, molecular biomarker discoveries, to descriptive research, clinical trials and implementation research of best evidence-based care into practice. Member groups and individuals are involved in a collaborative effort that aims to improve cancer health outcomes for people affected by cancer through a translational research program that:

  • Supports the more effective discovery and rapid translation of research discoveries into clinical applications
  • Optimises cancer care through the translation of clinical quandaries into basic scientific and health research
  • Supports the greater use of effective evidence-based cancer care in practice.

In addition, members are entitled to benefits including:

  • Ability to apply for internal Sydney Catalyst funds through the Scholarships and Awards Scheme and the Pilot and Seed Funding Program
  • Ability to apply for Cancer Institute NSW funds via those schemes that require membership of a Translational Cancer Research Centre (TCRC)
  • Access to the Sydney Catalyst website members' area; which supports interaction, collaboration and discussion between members

While collaboration already exists between the clinical and research groups which make up Sydney Catalyst, these collaborations are expanded by bringing together disciplines who do not traditionally work together. Two broad research themes have been identified for development across the current groupings and institutions. These are:

  • T1 translational research integrating basic sciences in clinical research
  • T2 translational research implementing evidence into routine clinical practice.

These research themes are supported by the T1 and T2 Translational Research Fellows and overviewed by the multi-institutional and multidisciplinary Working Groups, Scientific Advisory Committee and Governing Council.


The Cancer Institute NSW Translational Cancer Research Centre (TCRC) grant for Sydney Catalyst

This grant provides the structural foundation to support these research activities. Funding for specific research projects is leveraged through separate funding schemes and bodies, although the TCRC grant also provides important 'pilot and seed' funding for the group. This includes 'top down' research identified and/or developed by the leadership team and 'bottom up' projects, developed and conducted by individual members and chosen for funding from among the Sydney Catalyst membership.

The development of education and training opportunities aimed at increasing the use of evidence-based medicine is an important priority of the Sydney Catalyst education and training program. A formal professional development program, supported by an Education Fellow is also being developed across both translational research themes.

More Information

Contact: Sydney Catalyst, Research Manager