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eviQ: Cancer Treatments Online

eviQ is a free online information resource for health professionals, patients and carers, providing current evidence-based cancer treatment information at the point of care.

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Quality cancer treatment information—eviQ provides the most up-to-date evidence-based treatment information through the provision of more than 600 cancer treatment protocols.

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Evidence-based and peer-reviewed—More than 600 of Australia’s top cancer clinicians freely give their time to contribute to eviQ content; ensuring it remains accurate, current and relevant.

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Equitable access—anytime, anywhere—eviQ allows rural, remote and metropolitan health professionals, patients and their carers access to the same high standard of evidence-based information.

Cancer is a global problem with local care

Administering cancer treatments is highly complex. This can contribute to variations and inequalities in cancer treatment and outcomes across the world.

Cancer treatments are associated with some side effects and toxicities. Appropriate management of side effects ensures patient safety and improved cancer outcomes.

Improving the cancer journey

eviQ has advanced the way people with cancer are treated. Since 2009, eviQ’s growth has been rapid, with the program becoming a major driver for the uptake of evidence-based practice.

Collaborating for better cancer outcomes

eviQ harnesses the collective expertise of specialist cancer clinicians to develop a quality cancer treatment information resource.

Already highly trusted by health professionals, patients and policy makers across Australia, eviQ is working to lessen the impact of cancer globally, by partnering with key influencers of cancer control across the world.

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eviQ’s precursor hosted 65 cancer treatment protocols and was used across a small number of NSW cancer centres.


eviQ experiences rapid growth with the program becoming a major driver for the uptake of evidence-based cancer information for health professionals at the point of care.


In 2016, eviQ has more than 60,000 registered users from 160 countries. eviQ receives around 800 new users each month.

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The Cancer Institute NSW is partnering with international organisations that are influencing cancer control across the world. Work is underway to highlight eviQ protocols which can be delivered using the oncology medicines included in the World Health Organisation (WHO) list of essential medicines.

Delivered by the Cancer Institute NSW, eviQ is highly trusted by clinicians, patients and policy makers to support best practice and achieve quality cancer outcomes.

eviQ: cancer treatments online

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