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eviQ: cancer treatments online

eviQ is an internationally recognised online resource that provides evidence-based cancer treatment information to help health professionals identify the best course of cancer treatment and care for their patient's needs.

eviQ: cancer treatments online

Every single cancer patient deserves the very best treatment and eviQ places this information at the fingertips of clinicians, doctors and nurses across the State.

The program harnesses the knowledge of clinical cancer experts across Australia ensuring the latest treatment information is available no matter where the consultation is taking place.

We are currently expanding eviQ through - eviQEd  - which will instruct clinicians on how to use eviQ more efficiently and delve deeper into some of the vast information and resources the portal contains.

eviQEd uses evidence based education modules to highlight to clinicians some of the information that they might not see immediately at their initial point of care use of the site.

In an exciting development eviQ is also in the process of working with the oncology information management systems  being used in NSW to collect essential chemotherapy treatment data.

This is an Australian-first and will mean this information can be used to understand how treatments are delivered at a statewide level and will allow variations across clinical practice to be measured and used to improve patient outcomes.

Opioid calculator

In an Australian first the Cancer Institute NSW has also developed and launched an online pain management calculator - the EviQ Opioid Calculator - a tool that safely converts the dose of one pain management treatment to another.

This is a major step forward for clinicians, nurses and primary health carers.

The calculator provides clinically relevant calculations for a large number of opioids, with relevant warnings and information, to assist in reducing possible errors in the conversion process.

This allows clinicians to convert from several opioids to a single opioid at any one time - irrespective of how they are administered.

eviQ: cancer treatments online