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Help spread the message of being safe in the sun and preventing skin cancer.

What you need to know about skin cancer and prevention—what it is, how to stay safe, and what is being done in NSW.

Skin cancer cases in Australia are increasing. How well are you really protecting your skin? Read on for five easy ways we can protect ourselves from skin cancer.

What is the NSW Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy? Read on to see how this strategy guides how we can reduce over-exposure to the sun in New South Wales.

With the UV index forecast at extreme levels across the state this week, we are reminding people to be extra careful when protecting themselves from the sun.

Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) is generated from the sun and enters our atmosphere—depending on the type of concentration it can have different affects on our skin.

The NSW Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy 2012–15 (the Strategy) provides a framework for a coordinated comprehensive, community-wide approach to reducing over-exposure to the sun for the next four years in New South Wales.

The Wes Bonny Testimonial Campaign tells the true story of 26 year-old Wes Bonny who died of melanoma in March, 2010. Wes' story demonstrates that melanoma does affect young people. It acknowledges that people know how to protect themselves from the sun, but that they need to be more vigilant about it.

Skin cancer starts when cells in the skin become abnormal and grow out of control. Find information about different types of skin cancer, including incidence statistics for melanoma.

The Dark Side of Tanning Campaign demonstrates the dangers of tanning and the damage that can happen to skin even before it starts to show signs of burning.